10 Ways Wooden Ceilings Can Transform Your Home

10 Ways Wooden Ceilings Can Transform Your Home

10 Ways Wooden Ceilings Can Transform Your Home

10 Ways Wooden Ceilings Can Transform Your Home

10 Ways Wooden Ceilings Can Transform Your Home
10 Ways Wooden Ceilings Can Transform Your Home

10 Ways Wooden Ceilings Can Transform Your Home

Are you looking to channel hygge through your home or bring a rustic, cozy vibe to every room?. Wood ceilings are officially in and they're here to make all of your cabin-style living room dreams come true.

Light Fixtures

Classic Casual Home


1. When walking into a white room, a wood-paneled ceiling extends the room up and outward, making it appear larger. It also looks incredibly chic. Hang a modern, wrought iron light fixture from the middle and your guests won’t be able to tell your home apart from a five-star lodge.

Mixed Materials

Christine Francis


2. A mixed material approach creates an unexpected, but nonetheless, aesthetically soothing combination. Whether that’s concrete floors or subway tiles, the wooden ceiling will soften a room that might come off harsh or add a warm ambiance.


Jeanall Sopp


3. Match your ceilings to your floor with the same type of wood, surrounded by white walls and large windows, and watch the natural light bounce around and create a crisp, clean atmosphere.

Plank It Up



4. Add wood ceiling planks to create definition and character to an otherwise boring room. Wooden ceilings also look stellar paired with different wood finishes around the room—such as a knobby, wood table and clean, wooden panels used to finish different parts of the room.


Milo and Mitzy


5. Dark wood beams lining a painted white wood ceiling and white shiplap walls turn an average living room into a dream farmhouse abode that invites cozy nights in and lots of wonderful light.

Modern Lodge

Kogan Builders

6. For a more modern take on the wooden ceiling trend, a medium-toned wood ceiling lined with espresso beams and leather furniture make your living room look like a gorgeous, contemporary mountain oasis.

Wide or Thin?



7. The width of the panels makes all of the difference. Go thicker for a country chic feel or go with thin slats for a modern and minimal appeal. Offset the thin slats with gray and black accents to for the ultimate streamlined look.

Mid-Century Chic

Magnoila Market


8. If mid-century modern is your thing, go with a warmer toned wooden ceiling with exposed beams and a retro light fixture—think The Jetsons—and you will have the perfect setting for that heirloom sofa you’ve been eyeing.


Home Bunch


9. Keeping the ceilings blended seamlessly with the walls creates a limitless look that eliminates the contrast where the walls end and the ceiling begins. This makes the room look expansive without actually adding any space.

Ceilings as Transitions



10. Wooden ceilings also make a fantastic transition from room to room, whether that’s an entryway to the living room or the dining room to outside. The contrast of the darker wooden panels with lighter walls tricks the eye into thinking the room is going on longer than it actually is, creating a more expansive atmosphere.


Whether it’s a contemporary home, a farmhouse, or a mountain lodge, wooden ceilings add that extra bit of dimension and character your living room craves. They create space, volume, and can turn an average home into a craftsmen dream house. Excuse us while we run out to figure out how we can get them in our home.

 By Samantha VanDale - Listingsmagazine.com


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